Astrofest 2017

Astrofest provides a safe, fun and entertaining chance for all ages to learn about all things astronomy.

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Held annually at Curtin University Stadium in Bentley, Astrofest is an educational family event for the whole community. There are multiple hands on activities, astronomy talks, Scitech science shows, astrophotography competition and more.

Outdoor activities include looking through various sized telescopes, picnic areas, various food and beverage vendors, fancy dress costumes, space talks and star gazing.

Inside the stadium are Scitech Spacedome shows, astrophotography exhibits, stalls, shops, a ‘quiet zone’ lecture room, stage shows, book launches and other science speakers.

Set on the beautiful grounds of Curtin University, Astrofest is a perfect opportunity for people from all ages to come and chat to astronomers and scientists, eat a picnic with their family and then run off and get the hands messy with a Scitech show.

For more info or to pre-register for the event and go in a special prize draw, visit the Astronomy WA website (link below).

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