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Sold out 30 Sept and 1 Oct - bookings are essential.

Sold out 30 Sept and 1 Oct - bookings are essential.

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Scitech / Earth Matters: Rethink the Future


Be inspired by creative solutions that make our world a better place to live.

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Bright ideas live here

Explore inspiring Australian STEM solutions across our innovation pods with videos, drawings, prototypes and models demonstrating how simple ideas can become a reality.

See how one lightbulb moment can lead to incredible discovery and inventions. Share your own ideas on better sustainability!

Turning ideas into action

Coming up with a good idea is important for solving complex challenges like climate change, but the solutions don’t just come out of thin air. Following a design process can help you work through your ideas. Try working your idea through these steps.



What is the problem you want to solve? What difference would you like to make? Have you seen any issues in the natural environment you would like to help address?



Review the information you’ve gathered so far and define the specific problem you want to solve.


Think – Make

Brainstorm lots of different ideas for how you could solve the problem. Choose the idea with the highest potential and try making a prototype.


Test and Refine

Test your ideas and seek feedback from people. Using the feedback, refine your ideas until you have your final version.

Hand placing written ideas about sustainability on a wall

Share With Others

Release your solution into the world and see what impact you make!

Earth Matters

In nature, everything is connected – air, land and water.
As you explore Earth Matters, look out for the connections along the way.

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