Humanoid Discovery

Travelling exhibition

An incredible machine

The human body is an amazing and complex thing. The interconnected systems, the different organs and functions all work together to produce a being that can walk, talk, breathe, think, eat and play.

This exhibition presents the human as a study object for people to explore their bodies from the perspective of a visitor from outer space.

Each exhibit presents one or more bodily functions, explaining the physiology and science and providing facts, figures and intriguing information that presents the human body in a whole new light. With an innovative and colourful design, fascinating interactives, the exhibition’s visual appeal will entice and amaze all visitors. 

Quick guide

22 exhibits
2 x 40ft shipping containers

Target audience
Children ages 5 to 12 and their families

Human biology, physiology

Marketing and education materials
Transit insurance
Exhibition installation/dismantling team

Floor area: 400 - 600 square metres (4,300 - 6,500 square feet)
Ceiling height: minimum 3 metres (10 feet), optimum 4 metres (13 feet)
Entry/exit: at least 2.7 x 2.7 metres (9 x 9 feet)
Storage: secure and dry
Power: standard 240v/120v electricity supply

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Exhibit gallery

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Touring arrangements

Scitech to provide

• The exhibition as outlined in the Contract.

• Transit insurance

• An exhibition supervisor to coordinate the installation and dismantling of the exhibition

• Replacement parts through normal wear and tear

• Education and marketing materials

• Exhibition manual with details of daily maintenance requirements

• A full briefing on exhibit operation and maintenance by Scitech staff after the exhibition is installed in your venue

Host venue to provide

• A team to assist the installation and dismantling of the exhibition

• Replacement exhibit consumables as required

• 24 hour physical and/or electronic security of the exhibition

• Any special requirements (scaffolding, forklifts, trolleys etc.) specified in the Contract


Fee structure

Negotiations with individual venues will be conducted to determine the appropriate fee structure for the exhibition period.

Contact and enquiries

Jason Poletti - Acting Manager, Exhibitions and Operations
Phone: +61 8 9215 0772
Mobile: +61 417 969 466