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Walk with animatronic dinosaurs as you discover the forensic methods scientists use to learn about prehistoric life. Please note this exhibition is no longer touring.

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Get up-close and personal with these prehistoric dinosaurs as Explore-a-saurus opens your eyes to another world set millions of years ago…

Palaeontologists have used fossil evidence to learn a lot about dinosaurs, including how they lived, how fast they ran and even what colour they were!

In Explore-a-saurus visitors can get hands-on as they become a palaeontologists for the day to uncover fossils and bones, compare the types of plants that dinosaurs ate, examine insects under microscopes, recreate the sounds of various dinosaurs and discover how they digested their food.

They can also pit their strength against a T-Rex jaw, see how dinosaurs hid from prey using camouflage and compare the fields of vision of dinosaurs with their own.

This interactive exhibition explores the concepts of palaeontology in a fun and hands-on way, letting visitors discover the forensic methods scientists use to learn about prehistoric life in a setting inhabited by seven animatronic dinosaurs including Stegosaurus, Triceratops and, the King of the Cretaceous Period, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Exhibition Specifications

  • 24 exhibits in 3 x 40ft containers
  • Floor area: 400 – 600 square metres (4,300 – 6,500 square feet)
  • Ceiling height: minimum 3 metres (10 feet), optimum 4 metres (13 feet)
  • Power: 240v to 120v electricity supply

Materials Supplied

  • Marketing and Education supplies
  • Transit insurance
  • Exhibition installation/dismantling

Target Audience

  • Ages 5 to 12 years and their families.
  • School groups
  • Tour groups

STEM Areas

  • Palaeontology
  • Biology
  • Science Investigation

Engaging Western Australians in STEM

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