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Biological Sciences Show and Workshop (4 to 6)

The natural world is filled with creatures and plants that hunt and hide better than the best Ninjas. But how do they use these skills to survive?

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Nature’s Ninjas – Biological Sciences Show and Workshop


Ninjas need to have excellent hunting and hiding skills. Together, we’ll observe, try out and learn from a variety of amazing living things which use these skills to survive in their environment – just like ninjas!

It’s a fun and lively show, mixing explanation with interactive demonstrations to showcase different scientific processes. And just how relevant science is to everyday life.


Students work with the smallest of living things – microbes – and grow their own using agar dishes! We look at how different environments affect things that grow, collecting and analysing soil samples, and leaving them at your school to discover what the outcome is.

Western Australian Curriculum links

  • Science Inquiry Skills: Questioning and predicting, Planning and Conducting, Evaluating, and Communicating
  • Science Understanding: Biological sciences
  • Science as a Human Endeavour


Show: 30 minutes
Workshop: 30 minutes

Age Group 

Years 4 – 6

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