Light is intrinsic to our lives, from natural phenomenon like rainbows, to advanced technologies including communication, security and medicine, to the simple light bulb. It has a multitude of applications and influences how we see the world.

Play ignites our curiosity and is an important pathway into exploration and creativity for all ages. It is at the heart of everything we do at Scitech and the scientific process we promote - to learn through experimentation and imagination.

By combining play with light, Scitech has created a brilliant, hands-on experience that will leave visitors wonderstruck. In Playing with Light, twenty-three inventive exhibits will test your ingenuity, including a high security laser maze, 20,000 LED lights following your every move and painting with infra-red.

Manipulate your shadow, bounce a laser beam down a stream of water, build a simple telescope and view the world through fibre optic cables. These are just a few of the creative ways visitors can experience the technology, science and wonder of light in Scitech's designed and built feature exhibition Playing with Light.


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