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Tinker and Create: Rubber Band Cars

Create your very own moving vehicle in this imaginative Tinker and Create activity.

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Join Jordan for this ingenious challenge to design and build a vehicle (like a car, motorbike or even a Moon buggy) all from things you already have around you in your home!

Follow the Think, Build, Test steps, to see what you can create.

Tinker and Create is all about exploring and testing new ideas. If you are interested in the Tinker and Create methodology, watch this short video.


Think about all of the important parts that make up a car. What makes each component special?

We also need to look at how cars use energy to create motion – because your vehicle is going to have to be able to move!


Once you have your design, it’s time to think about:

  • what you’re going to use to make your car
  • how you’re going to attach all the parts together.

Have a look around your home to see what could work. What can you use as wheels? How far can you make it travel?


You will have done lots of little tests as you’ve built your prototype vehicle – but now let’s see if it works they way you expected it to …

Does it move the way you thought it would? Try it on different surfaces to see what happens. How could you tweak your design to make it travel faster, or further?

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