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Over 35 Years of Scitech

The wonder. The passion. The STEM knowledge that opens up our minds to the world around us. This is the ‘Scitech effect’. And it’s how we’ve been impacting the lives of millions of Western Australians for more than 35 years.

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A powerful impact

STEM skills development is vital for a bright and positive future for all Western Australians. We empower people and communities, help diversify our economy and develop the future workforce. And as we inspire people with cutting-edge, contemporary STEM experiences that shift the conversation from possibilities to opportunities.

A collage of children look at robots and light objects.

Over 35 years of Scitech

Ever Changing Scitech

From giant brains to Formula 1 racing, planetary colonisation to forensic detecting – the history of Scitech’s exhibitions is long, diverse and vibrant. Join us in celebrating the still surprising, ever stimulating and always amazing world of STEM.

Explore our History


Body Works

When Scitech opened its doors, visitors could explore the Body Works themed space. The giant brain is definitely an all-time Scitech favourite.


Lung Room

Continuing the theme of exploring body parts, Scitech created the Lung Room, where visitors could enter a strange world that actually exists inside their own bodies.


Galactic Fantastic

Scitech’s very first feature exhibition Galactic Fantastic opened this year, including the unusual Perspective Room.



Sportsworks explored the science of sport. Visitors could test their grip strength, muscle activation, shock absorption in landing techniques and what your skeleton does while riding a bike.


Space Dome

A portable Planetarium, the size and shape of an igloo! Still in use today as part of our Statewide touring, it is a wonderful way for Scitech to share space exploration across Western Australia.


Special Effects

We explored the secrets behind film and television special effects, and how science and technology can make fantastical creatures, death defying action and futuristic space travel appear real and possible.


Great Australian Treasure Hunt

Scitech got hands-on with the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) of mining in Australia.


Laser Harp

The beautiful laser harp was created for the main gallery in 1995. For many years visitors used laser technology to create wonderous sounds and music.



Flight explored the airborne natural world, and how humankind has pursued the dream of flight through visions, dreams and fantastic flying machines, and the practical application of STEM.


Statewide launches

Scitech’s regional outreach program began taking our science engagement out of the Discovery Centre and to every corner of the state.



In 1997 we opened Discoverland, our wonderful dedicated space for STEM explorers aged 2 – 6 years. The early learning experiences of Discoverland continue to inspire children through sensory play today.



Visitors conducted their own scientific investigation to solve the crime of murder and kidnapping in Whodunit? Finger-printing, DNA profiling, autopsy and other techniques revealed the science behind forensic detecting.


Mission Earthling

Mission Earthling explored the human body from the curious perspective of a visitor from outer space. What would an alien think of us?


Natural Disasters

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with, and our Natural Disasters exhibition gave visitors a real taste of her power unleashed..



In 2001 Scitech created its own Space odyssey, celebrating the quest for knowledge that drives us to push the boundaries of exploration into the far reaches of the universe.



Speed revealed the cutting-edge science and technology behind the high octane world of Formula 1 racing, from the pit, to the race track, to testing driver’s abilities.


Toys: Science at Play

Scitech co-built Toys with Scienceworks in Melbourne, exploring the joy of learning through play.


Horizon - the Planetarium

Horizon – the Planetarium opened in 2004, and is now called the Scitech Planetarium. It is the largest full-dome Planetarium in the southern hemisphere, and takes daily tours of the universe.


Top Secret

Top Secret gave our visitors a ‘license to spy’, acting as secret agents uncovering facts and investigating clues to solve a mystery using science and technology.


Reinventing Scitech

The Discovery Centre underwent a full refurbishment this year completed with a new entrance that welcomed visitors with an introduction to science in the past, present and future.


Amazing Backyard Adventures

Scitech was transformed into a busy garden scape, where visitors could investigate the secret world in their own backyard.


Toddlerfest Launches

Toddler Week, now known as Toddlerfest, launched the first event to welcome little scientists aged 2-6 to explore.


Climate Change: our future, our choice

Highlighting the effects on our planet, exploring possible solutions, and investigating how to reduce your carbon footprint, Climate Change was designed and built by the Australian Museum from recycled and recyclable materials.


Playing With Light

By combining play with light, Scitech created a brilliant array of light, laser and lens-based experiences. We won the ASPAC Creative Science Exhibit Award for this illuminating and interactive view of technology, science and the wonders of light.



We took visitors into high pressured search and rescue operations in Rescue, where they learned the techniques and training needed to save lives on land, sea and air.



We took a step back in time to explore what features helped dinosaurs thrive in their environment for so many millions of years.



Encouraging our visitors to engineer, make and tinker was so popular, Ingenious! stayed on our floor for an extra 6 months and inspired the creation of The Tinkering Space.


Rio Tinto Innovation Central

Our award winning Rio Tinto Innovation Central gallery explores the innovation process: identifying a problem or need, thinking of possible solutions, making and trying prototypes and refining designs.



Visitors experienced the physical and mental challenges of space exploration with a taste of life outside of Earth and its atmosphere. The exhibition next landed at the NASA Space Centre Houston, where visitors could explore space the Scitech-way.


Bionic Me

Combining aspects of the natural world and human ingenuity, Bionic Me explored the inventive and ingenious medical and industrial breakthroughs that have helped enhance the human experience.


Kaartadijin Koorliny

The physical and digital collide in this imaginative and immersive gallery where visitors can think, create and share mesmerising experiences. The name is Noongar meaning “learning is always moving.”


Map Your World

Take a quest across land, sea, and space to reveal the importance of maps and navigation in everyday life. Solve puzzles to create your own map, and see it come to life through augmented reality.


Science Fiction Science Future

Our second ASPAC Creative Science Exhibit Award winner explores how science fiction ideas might become the science reality of tomorrow: mind control, invisibility, holograms and augmented reality.


Earth Matters:
Rethink the Future

Be inspired by the innovations and solutions that will help us adapt our way of living for a more sustainable future.


Scitech at WA Day

WA Day welcomed 140,000 people to the festival and Scitech was there for the first time wowing kids and families with our spectacular shows.


Toy Tear Down

We launched our original new YouTube series Toy Tear Down, expanding our digital content and introducing audiences to our fantastic presenter Alyshia.


Ningaloo Total Solar Eclipse

Scitech was there to inform and engage not only Western Australians, but also international audiences about this unique astronomical event.

Over 35 Years of Scitech

Over 35 years of Scitech

Since 1988, Scitech has always been about creating memories. Because housed within every recollection is not just knowledge shared, but also the joy, emotion and thrill of discovery.

So what’s your favourite Scitech memory?

Celebrating 35 Years of Scitech

Share your stories and pictures with us via the socials below, using #scitech.

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