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Why STEM Matters

STEM matters. At Scitech, it’s our daily mission to demonstrate how and why STEM education today will positively shape tomorrow’s world.

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Why we do what we do

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM): it’s an acronym you’ll have seen a lot of lately. And you’ll be seeing it a whole lot more. So what is STEM and why is it important? Just ask the kids. These four interdependent disciplines will be the driving force behind growth, innovation and change in humanity’s future. So if you care about the progression of society to bigger and brighter things, you ought to care about our integrated approach to learning STEM.

Our purpose is it inspire engagement by all Western Australians in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. And now, with renewed focus from schools, governments, employers and influential thinkers, it’s the perfect time to demonstrate how STEM education can enable the next generation of innovators. As we shift to an information-based, highly connected and technologically advanced society, STEM can empower individuals and communities with the problem-solving capabilities to meet unprecedented economic, social and environmental challenges.

It’s as much about what we think as how we think

From how our money moves to how we move, where our clothes are made to what we eat and so much more – this tiny acronym already backs up almost every aspect of our lives. And it will increasingly be behind the creation of jobs that don’t yet exist.

An integrated approach to learning the four STEM disciplines will be critical to our children’s competitiveness in the future workforce. And just as important will be capabilities for collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. Because STEM education is about so much more than technical prowess. It’s about inspiring curiosity, using teamwork and applying logic and reason to unlock real-life solutions to real-world problems.

STEM: opening doors to innovation

As Western Australians, our greatest opportunities lie in our potential as innovators. STEM is the key to tapping into that potential. As such, it’s at the core of the Australian Government’s ‘National Innovation and Science Agenda’, which sets a focus on science, research and innovation as long-term drivers of economic prosperity, jobs and growth. STEM education can also help to bridge ethnic and gender gaps by breaking stereotypes associated with work.

So if you, like us, believe in a future where we respond to challenges with multi-disciplinary thinking and capability. If you trust in the potential of people to solve the world’s greatest problems. If you care about a more inclusive society where curious minds are inspired to leave a positive mark. Engage with Scitech. Because we’re here to demonstrate how STEM education today will positively shape the world of tomorrow.

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