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CoderDojo WA is a network of independent community coding clubs which Scitech is a major supporter and fan of.

They organise and run Dojos - casual club-style sessions where young people aged 7-17 (called Ninjas) take part in activities related to coding and computing.

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CoderDojo WA is a network of independent community coding clubs. These clubs can be run at libraries, schools, community centres and more. They can be run by staff of organisations or volunteers who are motivated to help young people get coding.

To start your own club, contact Coderdojo WA today!

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Get coding now! 

Are you aged 7-17 and interested in computers and coding? You don't need to wait to attend a Dojo to start coding.

Click the Dojo menu below to see helpful links to sites, games and platforms where you can kick-off your coding adventures.

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New Learning lab opens

CoderDojo WA Mentor starts up a new learning community

Parents and Ninjas: Interested in getting help with learning science and maths?

Join the Education Lab - a free learning community where you can bring your homework, study problems and get help from your peers and from Learning Mentors! These sessions will provide academic support for students in STEM (WACE and non-WACE) and a chance to get involved with hands on science! This program is open to students from Year 9 to Year 12.

The free sessions are being run on Saturday mornings at Bloom Labs, which is located at St Catherine's College, University of Western Australia.

The Education Lab was launched by CoderDojo WA Mentor Stephanie Yoong, who is passionate about providing opportunities for young people to further their interest in science.

 Download a general info sheet  Visit the CoderDojo WA website

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