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Explosion of the Week

Get ready to be blown away, our science presenters demonstrate awesome explosions and explain the science behind them.

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This week’s explosion will blow you away! We’re taking it up a level with a trash can and some liquid nitrogen. It’s a trashcano!

Just like how water boils at 100 degrees C, Liquid Nitrogen gas boils at room temperature, turning from a liquid into a gas. What happens if we seal the Liquid Nitrogen in a bottle and and heat it up?

This week’s explosion will blast your socks off! We’ve got a fiery demonstration to show you the power of combustion…

When you swirl and shake the methylated spirits inside the bottle, the liquid evaporates and forms a gas, so there’s lots of flammable vapour inside the bottle – we just can’t see it. When you drop the match into it, it catches on fire and reacts with the oxygen in the air. What will happen to the bottle since it’s upside down?

Who doesn’t love a bit of liquid nitrogren?

Just like how water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, liquid nitrogen boils at room temperature, turning from a liquid into a gas. When the LN2 bottle is placed in hot water, it boils at a faster rate. This creates lots of bubbles and gas which starts to fill up the balloon. The expulsion of gas creates pressure so the balloon expands rapidly, but will it become a giant one or will there be too much for it to handle?

In this explosion of the week, we’re investigating two different gases: hydrogen and helium. What happens when we apply flame to both?

Helium, a Noble gas, is very non-reactive, whereas as Hydrogen is a highly explosive and reactive gas. Let’s investigate what happens when we apply a flame to both.



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