Scitech Planetarium

Scitech Planetarium

Capturing the Cosmos

Astronomers today are exploring the universe on a grand scale. But knowing what’s out there, is just the first step. Putting the pieces together to unlock the mysteries of the universe is the ultimate goal.

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About Scitech Planetarium

The Scitech Planetarium presents extraordinary journeys into the Universe in the largest dome theatre in the Southern Hemisphere.

We launch you to space with a guided tour through the Perth night sky, our Solar System and beyond, followed by a spectacular pre-recorded shows.

The Scitech Planetarium's breathtaking blend of science and immersive technology inspires us all to explore and investigate some of the biggest questions in our Universe. 

Enjoy a live tour of Perth's sky tonight and learn how to identify constellations and planets that are visible. 

Our presenters will launch you into space as we explore planets, recent science discoveries or tour to the outer reachers of the Universe. 

Please note: late arrivals and children under 4 cannot be admitted to the planetarium. Visitors who exit during the show can not be re-admitted. No food or drink is allowed in the theatre.