Planet Nine

Explore the dwarf planet Pluto and its neighbours in the Kuiper belt as we search for a true Ninth Planet.

See the remarkably bright Eris, the spinning egg Haumea, and Sedna, whose orbit takes it deep into the far reaches of the Solar System. Using theoretical predictions and high powered telescopes, scientists are uncovering hidden secrets about how our Solar System formed—and what it may still be hiding.

All screenings of Planet Nine are accompanied by a live tour of the night sky and beyond. The complete presentation runs for 45 minutes.

Planet Nine was created by the Adler Planetarium, and distributed by Loch Ness Productions.

Please note:
Children under 4 years of age cannot be admitted into the planetarium and shows are subject to change without notice.

Open to the general public as part of your visit to Scitech.

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