Planet Nine

Explore the dwarf planet Pluto and its neighbours in the Kuiper belt as we search for a true Ninth Planet.

Follow planetary scientist Mike Brown and his team at CalTech as they uncover new and alien worlds, as different from each other as they are to the Earth. Meet the remarkably bright Eris, the spinning egg Haumea, and Sedna, whose orbit takes it deep into the far reaches of the Solar System. Using nothing but their wits (and high-powered telescopes), intrepid scientists are uncovering hidden secrets about how our Solar System formed—and what it may still be hiding.

Join us on the hunt for our Solar System’s Ninth Planet, in the Scitech Planetarium!

Planet Nine was produced by the Adler Planetarium and Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, with the generous support of The Kavli Foundation.

Duration: approximately 25 minutes
Produced by: Adler Planetarium and Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics
License period: 5 years from June 2017
School groups: Year 4 to Year 12
Curriculum Links: Science understanding: Earth and Space Sciences, Science as a Human Endeavour

Please note:
Children under 4 years of age cannot be admitted into the planetarium and shows are subject to change without notice.

Open to the general public as part of your visit to Scitech.

Visit our daily Show Times for more information and to plan your visit. 



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