CSIRO Lab Workshops

Throughout the year, we hold engaging workshops in our CSIRO Lab for young scientists.

Scitech CSIRO Lab Workshops cater for children aged 4 to 16 years old, with a variety of workshop topics on offer to ensure there's something for everyone. 

Some snaps from previous CSIRO Lab Workshops:

  • st0315 sml
    Workshops cover a huge array of science topics
  • Frankentoys
    Kids are encouraged to share their work in a friendly and positive environment
  • st0254
    Experimenting and thinking outside the box is highly encouraged

July Holiday workshops

Bookings open Monday 12 June.

All events capped at 20 participants unless otherwise stated.

Ocean BiodiversitySaturday 1 July

Discover the plants that grow on the plants and the tiny invertebrates that live therein. Angela Rossen, artist in residence from the Oceans Institute at UWA, will present this workshop about discovering and documenting nature.

Bring your smart phone or tablet (or you can use ours).

Times Saturday 1 July  
10.00-11.30am  Ages 7-9yrs Sold Out
12.30-2.00pm Ages 10-15yrs  
15 participants

Cost: Members $20 | Non-members $23Book now

Archaeological DigMonday 3 July

Do you dig Archaeology? Join us and our guests from Archae Aus for a unique hands-on archaeological investigation that includes excavation, sieving, analysis and interpretation of artefacts from the past.

Times Monday 3 July
10.00-11.30am Ages 8-12yrs
12.30-2.00pm Ages 6-8yrs
30 participants

Cost: Members $28 | Non-members $30Book now

Build Your Own App with Code CampTuesday 4 July

Code Camp are visiting Scitech to show you how to build your own app which will work across platforms including iPhones, iPads, Android devices and computers. Be creative with technology, create products, develop logical thinking, problem solving skills, and gain an understanding of computational thinking.

Times Tuesday 4 July  
10.00am-12.00pm Ages 7-9yrs Sold Out
1.00-3.00pm Ages 10-13yrs Sold Out
24 participants

Cost: Members $15 | Non-members $18Book now

Volcanic GeologyWedneday 5 July - Friday 7 July

Calling all junior volcanologists! In this workshop you will learn about the amazing rocks that are formed by volcanoes and then investigate their properties. You will also get to take home your very own volcanic rock.

Times Wedneday 5 July Thursday 6 July Friday 7 July
10.00-11.00am Ages 4-6yrsSold Out Ages 4-6yrs Sold Out Ages 4-6yrs
12.00-1.00pm Ages 6-8yrs Sold Out Ages 6-8yrs Sold Out Ages 4-6yrs
2.00-3.00pm Ages 6-8yrs Sold Out Ages 6-8yrs Ages 6-8yrs

Cost: Members $12 | Non-members $15Book now

Birds of PreyFriday 7 July

Back by popular demand! Get up close and personal to some amazing birds of prey. Learn all about what these birds eat by dissecting a pellet. Be sure to bring your camera for a unique photo opportunity.

Times Friday 7 July  
10.00-11.30am Ages 6-16yrs Sold Out
12.00-1.30pm Ages 6-16yrs Sold Out
2.00-3.30pm Ages 6-16yrs  

Cost: Members $25 | Non-members $28Book now

Rocks Rock!Saturday 8 July + Monday 10 July

From rocks that float to rocks that fluoresce, in this workshop you will investigate various rocks and minerals and their properties. You will also get to take a geode home with you to start your own rock collection.

Times Saturday 8 July Monday 10 July
10.00-11.00am TBA Ages 8-11yrs
12.00-1.00pm Ages 8-11yrs Ages 8-11yrs
2.00-3.00pm Ages 12-16yrs Ages 12-16yrs

Cost: Members $15 | Non-members $18Book now

Impossible IllusionsTuesday 11 July + Wednesday 12 July

Have you ever wanted to make an object hover in mid-air? How about a never ending block of chocolate? Come and experiment with a range of surprising and mind-bending perceptual, physical and mathematical illusions. Learn how to make your own crazy illusions to take home.

Times Tuesday 11 July Wednesday 12 July
10.00-11.00am Ages 7-9yrs Sold Out Ages 7-9yrs Sold Out
12.00-1.00pm Ages 7-9yrs Sold Out Ages 7-9yrs
2.00-3.00pm Ages 10-12yrs Ages 10-12yrs

Cost: Members $12 | Non-members $15Book now

Out 'N' About:
Retro Computer Games at The Nostalgia BoxTuesday 11 July

Come and play classic video games like Pong and Space Invaders at The Nostalgia Box (Australia’s first interactive Video Game Console Museum). Go behind the scenes and uncover the making of present-day consoles as you read the stories of each console.

Times Tuesday 11 July
6.00-7.30pm Ages 8yrs+

24 participants

Members $12 | Non-members $13Book now

Science of ToysThursday 13 July + Friday 14 July

Back by popular demand! Learn about the physics behind the functioning of kinetic toys and then build two toys of your own to take home.

Times Thursday 13 July Friday 14 July
10.00-11.00am Ages 4-6yrs Sold Out Ages 4-6yrs Sold Out
12.00-1.00pm Ages 6-8yrs Ages 6-8yrs
2.00-3.00pm Ages 6-8yrs Ages 6-8yrs

Cost: Members $12 | Non-members $15Book now

Bioacoustic ResearchersSaturday 15 July

Will you be the next Chris Watson, a sound recordist travelling the world and working for David Attenborough? In this workshop you will use a hydrophone (underwater microphone), field sound recorders and sound editing software. Dr Claire, our resident scientist and sound artist, will show you how to identify Cane Toads from field sound recordings, how to tell the temperature from crickets, and how researchers use hydrophones to study marine animals.

Times Saturday 15 July
10.00-11.00am Ages 9-11yrs
11.30-12.30pm Ages 12-16yrs
1.30-2.30pm Ages 9-12yrs

12 participants

Cost: Members $12 | Non-members $15Book now

Robotics & CodingMonday 17 July

Learn about robots and their place in research and society, before exploring the sensors that a robot needs to operate. Using an Edison™ robot, you will learn how robots are programmed to complete a task, and then take your robot home.

Times Monday 17 July
10.00–11.30 am Ages 8-10yrs
12.30-2.00pm Ages 11-15yrs
3.00-4.30pm Ages 8-15yrs

Class size limited to 15 participants.

Cost: Members $75 (includes an Edison™ robot to take home) | Non-members $80 (includes an Edison™ robot to take home)Book now

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Multi-week STEM workshop series

Your child will have the opportunity to:
• practice skills and explore their own ideas,
• build their self-esteem,
• earn badges and rewards, and
• make new friends with other like-minded children.

Sessions are run after school and on Saturdays.

Robotics and InsectbotsTuesdays: 25 July to 14 September

Limited to 15 participants - only 7 spaces remaining!

Find out about robots and their place in society, learn how sensors work and how to program a robot to respond to the environment, learn the basics of coding and find out about a range of robotics resources that can help prepare you for an exciting future career in digital technology.

Participants will receive a Robotics badge and a programmable robot to take home.

When Tuesdays in Term 3
8 week series: 25 July to 14 Sept
Time 4.00-5.00pm
Ages 8-12yrs
Cost $150 (includes all materials and supplies)

Book now

Biology: Gross Scary ScienceWednesdays: 26 July to 15 September

Limited to 16 participants

Learn about living things, from weird simple one celled organisms to more complex creepy plants and amazing animals. Get up close to some fantastic fungi using our digital microscopes, say hello to some scary snakes, and eat freaky looking insects (if you dare). Meet some slimy worms, and then design a worm farm to take home to your own garden.

When Wednesday in Term 3
8 week series: 26 July to 15 Sept
Time 4.00-5.00pm
Ages 8-12yrs
Cost Members $130
Non-members $150
(includes all materials and supplies)

Book now

Physics, Engineering and Maths:
Kinetic MachinesThursdays: 20 July to 15 Sept + Saturdays: 22 July to 16 Sept

Limited to 20 participants

In this hands on workshop series we will build kinetic contraptions that use physics to make unexpected motions. We will explore balance, gravity, friction and energy. We will make a mobile and an automaton to learn about balance, machines and energy transfer. Using engineering principals and your new found skills and knowledge you will invent, innovate, design and build your own kinetic toy to take home.

When Thursdays in Term 3
8 week series: 20 July to 14 Sept
Time 4.00-5.00pm
Ages 8-12yrs
Cost Members $130
Non-members $150
(includes all materials and supplies)
When Saturdays in Term 3
8 week series: 22 July to 16 Sept
Time + Ages 8-10yrs: 10.00-11.00am
11-15yrs: 2.00-3.00pm
Cost Members $130
Non-members $150
(includes all materials and supplies)

Please note that there are 8 sessions held over 9 weeks. There is no workshop during National Science Week.

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Coming up in Term 4:
• 4 week series - Cosmetic Chemistry Entrepreneurs, Earthquake Seismologists

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