Year 7s STEM Careers Program

Welcome to the future, where science, technology, engineering and math are more essential and relevant to our work and day-to-day activities than ever before!

In 2019, we invite Year 7 students to participate in our dedicated Scitech Careers Program.

Scitech’s Careers Program is specifically designed around developing students personal and academic aspirations to help them succeed at high school, and beyond, as we inspire students with career opportunities that will exist in their future.

Secondary school students are already renowned as ‘tech natives’, and Scitech’s secondary school incursions and excursions encourage students to embrace these skills and knowledge to carry them into interesting and varied career paths and jobs.

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Beyond the Beaker

Beyond the Beaker is a FREE touring program designed to inspire year 7-10 students to pursue careers in STEM. It covers the topics of cutting edge technology, big data and artificial intelligence, and demonstrates how STEM can be a part of so many career avenues; from health and sports, to automation and the arts.

The program is underpinned by the concept of 21st century skills, core competencies that have been identified as necessary for almost any future career option. These skills are defined as creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving, and are inherent in STEM learning.

Beyond the Beaker is available throughout metropolitan Perth all year, as well as in some regional areas.

45mins | minimum of 50 students | FREE

Careers Program (Y7)*

Inspire your year 7s with a Scitech excursion, where students will experience the Planetarium and learn about future opportunities in the Space Sciences, engage with a Beyond the Beaker presentation in the Science Theatre, and interact in Scitech’s new feature exhibition Map Your World.

Available weeks 5, 6, 7 Term 1, 2019

3hrs | minimum of 15 students | $6.50 special for Term 1**

*available to years 8-12 on request
**normally $12 terms 2-4

Bookings and information
To enquire or make a booking, please contact the Customer Liaison Team on 9215 0740 or email to secure your bookings.

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